Why is this still going?

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Er is someone going to delete this blog?


Anybody Here?

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Anyone still using this blog?

Worth Keeping?

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Hi guys, is it worth keeping this blog or delete it?


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The ‘exhibition’ project is one that I have found particularly enjoyable, although challenging at times. The closure of the project through the joint dissemination and interaction of the work, was something that was enjoyable for all.

The form of the walk reflected the theme peripatetic and allowed interaction on a new level. Some things were kept quiet until the end of the process for example the ‘message in a bottle’ concept which was a fun and alternative way of sending our work into the world on its journey.

I have enjoyed interaction and correspondence with the work of others and people contributing to my project through beermat responses.

To clarify.

This is NOT a white cube. 


Book/one off artefact launch -Ed

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Message in a bottle! -Ed

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I have just uploaded all my walk stuff onto my wordpress, check it out!


🙂 x